I was surprisingly blessed last Friday at Taco Bell.  No, it wasn’t the cinnamon twists or the yummy quesadilla.  It was because of an interaction with a sweet older couple who modeled what a good marriage looks like!  They inspired me to want a good marriage 30 years from now!  I can’t help but share how much they treasured each other and the people around them!  What a blessing to see characteristics of a long lasting marriage being modeled by a true gentleman and lady!

Some people are placed in your life to teach you

wisdom without words

As I describe this sweet couple, meditate on your relationship with your spouse and see if you are being a gentleman or lady to one another.  Do their marriage building habits describe your day to day interactions with each other, or just on date night?  Finally, are your expectations higher for your spouse than they are for yourself? How much do you want a good marriage?

Secrets of A Good Marriage: Treasuring Your Spouse

A Gentleman

This couple did not try to isolate themselves and “mind their own business,” but looked to serve others and each other.   Their selfless attitude extended beyond their marriage and made an impact on others around them.  For instance, an older man was struggling to get the napkins from the bottom of the napkin dispenser, and this man went to help.  After talking, they learned they were both drafted into the Navy!  I had tears in my eyes as they talked about their time serving our country, and the amount of respect they held for each other.  This precious moment allowed me to tell my kids what the draft was and how much these men sacrificed for our country.  I could see the awe in my girls faces as they learned what these men had given up for us to have freedom.  This simple, selfless act led to a blessing for both their family and mine.  

Activily develop a mind of selflessness that will overflow into your relationships .  

A Lady

During the men’s conversation, the wife turned to me to talk.  She asked me if all the girls were my children. (Can I get you parents with four or more kids to comment if this happens to you? Tell me I’m not alone!) Then she talked about what a blessing they are and how much of a blessing they will be in the future.  It was a special gift to be able to talk to her and see my little family from her viewpoint.

Treasuring Your Spouse

What I Want My Marriage to Look Like!This couple was completely engaged with each other during their dinner.  They weren’t solving the world’s problems but were enjoying their time with each other.  Watching them interact reminded me of two important lessons.

  • Put electronics away when you are with your spouse.  Make a pact to be present when you are with each other.  When smartphones first came out, we were shocked at couples who would sit across from each other and stare at their phones!  Just like any other bad habit, we became desensitized to it and lowered our expectations.  Maybe you don’t pull out your phone at the dinner table, but how about when you are both sitting on the couch at the end of the day?  Or when you are riding in a car together?  Prioritize your time so you put your spouse first! This is a foundational element for cultivating a good marriage!
  • Remember to prioritize your time together!  Think of that time (even if you might rather be working) as the stepping stones to having a solid marriage.  How can a relationship thrive if you are not enjoying each other?  I challenge you to plan a date night today and have some fun!

How much time in a day are you prioritizing your spouse over a game, news, or social media on your phone?  Are you actively present with your spouse?  I want Jeremy and me to be this couple 30 years from now!  These daily decisions matter when you creating a good marriage that lasts!

Wisdom Without A Word

As this gentleman was leaving the restaurant, he held the door for his wife.  He crooked his arm and she slid hers into his as they probably do every day. He opened the car door for her.  These sweet gestures were powerful!  Watching this couple taught me three lessons:

  • Approach relationships selflessly.
  • Spend the time you have with your spouse wisely.
  • Treasure each other.

I hope this couple’s story inspired you like it did me!  I’m already praying that you and your spouse will grow closer to each other, to God, and that you will live your moments wisely.  Melody and I care about the readers of this blog and we want great things for you!  It’s why we do this!  We want our moments to make a difference in your lives and we are so glad you are part of this community!


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