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You’ve made it to Part 4 of our Adoption Story! Thank you so much for following this story that is so dear to our hearts. If you missed any of the previous installments, you can find those here:

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At this point in our adoption story, you find us matched with a baby boy due in six short weeks! We still had $30,000 left to fund, gobs and gobs of paperwork left to file, and a nursery completely lacking in baby items! We were walking in faith that God was going to help us get all this done in time.

During this time, so many emotions and thoughts were bouncing around in my head and I needed to get them out. I sat down one afternoon at my piano and wrote a song in 2 hours. I think that’s a record for me. It just poured out onto the page like water. I didn’t know then how our story would play out but I knew that God was doing big things in my heart.

This adoption song is from my heart to my adopted children, however many the Lord blesses us with. 

There were so many things in my heart that I wished I could tell them so putting them in the form of a song helped preserve them. This will be their special song forever and ever but I hope that it will also inspire and minister to others in their adoption journeys. I hope it helps other parents think about parenting differently and helps adopted kids understand adoption better. I desire for this song to raise awareness for adoption and help deconstruct misconceptions about adoption.

The song is called…

‘I Want You to Know’

Verse 1

Already as much a part of me
As flesh and blood could ever be
Always on my heart and in my mind
So loved it took not one but two
One loved and chose to give life to you
I am waiting to give you my heart
This is what I want you to know….

I want them to know that they have been on my heart for a long time; since well before they were born. I want them to know that I recognize the special challenges surrounding being an adopted child and that I am ready, willing, and waiting to walk with them through those challenges. I want to tell them that flesh and blood do not make a family, but the intentional love and care that are given every day.

So many adoptive kids struggle with being given up by their birth moms. I want them to always appreciate the incredible gift their birth moms gave them. She loved them so much she chose to give them life, both in the sense of physical life in a world riddled with abortion and she chose to give them a better quality of life than she was able to give them. I am so grateful to her for making that choice. She is a hero in my estimation! I want them to feel blessed for having 2 moms who love them in deeply meaningful but incredibly different ways. One gave them life, the other (me) gave her life to them.

Verse 2

I wait for the time when I get to
Know every feature unique to you
Though they may be unlike mine
Outside there may be differences
But they magnify the love within
And tell of how God brought you to me
This is what I want you to know…

One special thing about pregnancy is waiting to see what a perfect blend of you and your spouse looks like in your child. One thing uniquely special about adoption is that you have no idea what your child will look like! But you know that they will be a special and unique part of your family.

In the case of transracial adoption, the external differences might be very apparent and will be noticed by everyone who looks at our family. I want my child to know that is not a bad thing! They may be different on the outside but it is a testimony of the beautiful story orchestrated by God when bringing them into our family. When I look at their differences, I think, “Wow. I couldn’t have made anyone like you with the genes God gave me so He had to be extra creative in bringing us together. For that, I am so grateful.”

I also want them to see passed the external differences to the internal. All of us made in the image of God as His image-bearers, we have a whole lot more in common than our differences. While living in a world that doesn’t seem to understand this, it is incredibly important that my children do.

Chorus 1

I want you to know
I love you more than you imagine
I want you to know
I trust that God will make a way
He is writing a love story
That will lead to you one day
This is what I want you to know…

God is writing our story now and forever. I already love my children so much because of the longing God placed in my heart to care for them and shepherd them. I haven’t read the end of the story but I love watching it unfold!


I wanna welcome you home
With arms stretched open wide
As I was welcomed in
By arms that bore sin’s costly price

This is my favorite part of the song. My child’s or children’s adoption so beautifully reflects my salvation story. Adoption is a picture of the Gospel. I found an eternal home in my Savior’s arms. While I was in need, without a family, and separated from home, God made a way for me to be with Him by paying the price for my sin and giving me a new identity as a child of God. How can I help but do the same for my own children as a small but meaningful expression of gratitude to my Lord for that gift?

Verse 3

Those arms outstretched meant to express
God’s love despite our sinfulness
A precious and atoning sacrifice
We’re adopted heirs through Jesus Christ
Who loved so much He gave up His life
Sealed by blood into His family
This is what I want you to know

The single most important thing that I pray my children learn from me is their need for a Savior. A parent’s greatest joy and responsibility comes in pointing their child to Jesus in every way possible. Parenting is meant to be a lifelong discipleship relationship.

This makes adoption about so much more than family expansion. It is a fight for a lost soul. Any child who grows up in a Christ-centered home has the opportunity to hear the Gospel message and watch it lived out every day for more than two decades! Not that we do it perfectly by any stretch, but that is such an opportunity! This is my battle cry. Christians need to think about this!

Adoption reflects the Gospel to the world and to our children! So many children need homes and Jesus-loving parents need to fill this void! I read recently if only 7% of Christians responded to the global orphan crisis, there would no longer be an orphan crisis. Is God calling you to join us in taking that leap of faith? 

Chorus 2

I want you to know
He loves you more than you can fathom
I want you to know
Trust that He has made the Way
He is writing our love story
That puts His goodness on display
This is what I want you to know

adoption-song-pinSo, God loves my children more than I could ever love my children. He loved them enough to make the way of Salvation. I desperately pray my children understand their need for Jesus and trust HIM as THE way, THE truth, and THE life. He loves them enough to write them a special and unique story that not only means to bring us together but to bring HIM glory! I truly believe that God gives testimonies to people who are faithful to share them. I will shout our story from the mountaintops because I see how His hand is working my family and my child’s life! I want my kids to be proud of their story and fully aware of God’s providence in every little detail.

I hope this song blesses you. If it did, please share it with others who share a passion for adoption!

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