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ask-anything 1Here it is! This is where YOU become the topic of conversation! This is where YOU get your questions answered! We all need a safe place to seek support and others’ insights. If you need help knowing how best to deal with your in-laws, to teach your kids to respect authority, to set up your budget, navigate difficult relationships, to find a good church… whatever your situation may be, whatever your question, we will do our best to help you navigate it! We promise to do our very best to respond to all the questions submitted and respond to the ones that touch on the most popular topics.

We invite all our readers to comment below with your thoughts as well. Many of you have “been there, done that” and can provide valuable advice! As always, please keep your comments constructive and encouraging (see our comments policy if you have questions).

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 Lynn from Texas writes…

“What books would you recommend for beginning readers? I would like to buy books for my granddaughter.”

There are so many great picture books available right now, but I’ll share a few of our favorites that have videos to make reading even more interactive!

Pete the Cat is a great series that is entertaining, funny and helps kids learn sight words because of repetition. There is definite beat kids love when you read them out loud. Make sure and check out youtube to hear it read out loud!


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a classic that helps kids learn their upper and lower case letters. Because the letters show emotion, they are easy to connect to and remember. This book also has a great rhythm when read out loud. My mother in law would say it will give you an ear-worm. It’s that catchy!  Here is the link to the fun youtube video that reads the book with a song

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