What if I told you there is a magical bedtime routine for kids?  When used, kids are more rested, learn contentment, and stop the bedtime brawl!  Put your gloves away and come out of the ring!  This will change your life!

Bedtime Made Easy

Bedtime does not need to be a tense standoff!  One that involves countless rounds of getting out of bed or crying.  In fact, we can get all four kids down in 10 minutes! Seems to good to be true?  It’s possible!   Furthermore, you will have more energy and time to invest in yourself and your spouse!  

I have lots of parents ask how bedtime routine works at our house.  It’s easy and quick!  Our kids have a Room On and a Lights Off time.

Room On

Begin your bedtime routine with Room On, which starts 30 minutes before Lights Out.  Encourage your kids to do this independently, and as a result, you will have more downtime.  To give you an example, we tell our kids it’s Room On at 8:00 p.m. on school nights.  They are responsible for brushing their teeth, putting PJs on, and even laying out their clothes for the morning.  All of our kids from four and up can do this by themselves.  It can be helpful to make a chart when you start teaching a new routine so there is less confusion.   Stickers are the ultimate prize for a job well done.     

Bedside lights are a staple in our home.  They can be plug in wall sconces or bedside lamps, as long as they cast a cozy glow.  I’d recommend looking at Ikea for lighting as they have a great selection of sconce lighting that is stylish and affordable.  Turn off the overhead lights, and turn on the bedside lamps.  The kids can read, look at books, or even play electronics until Lights Out.  I love that they can use this time to read Harry Potter or write in that sparkly diary with the lost keys.  You know the one.

This downtime has made my oldest daughter’s insomnia a thing of the past.  Also, reading every night is a great habit that will carry over into adulthood.   Finally, Room On time also teaches the kids how to be content by themselves.  In our fast paced world, kids can go a whole day and not be alone.  As a result, they have little time to reflect on their day and sit still.  Kids need quiet time to rest their minds and souls.  

Lights Off

After Room On comes Lights Off…my fave!  Imagine bedtime being as easy as this:

  • Pray with each child.
  • Tuck them in.
  • Lights Out

Why We Love BedtimeIt’s That Easy!  Because kids have had time in a quiet room, they are settled and ready for bed.  To make it fun, we give the younger kids dreams first.  I will post more about that soon!  We also have a fun countdown.  Start at 10 and count backwards, and then yell “LIGHTS OFF”!  

You can choose different Lights Off times for each kid, but have the same Room On time for everyone.  For example, our littles have lights out at 8:30, but our oldest’s time is 9:30.  She is responsible for watching the time and putting herself to bed.  As a result, Jeremy and I are done by 8:30 every night!  This leaves lots of time in the day to relax.


Most of all, this bedtime schedule is beneficial for the whole family!  Don’t forget to make time for your spouse and yourself!   With this system, Jeremy and I have more time together every night, and the kids learn independence and contentment.  Also, I can catch Law and Order by 9 o’clock on Wednesday Nights.  Oh, that Dick Wolf!

Does bedtime feel overwhelming to you each night?  What are some bedtime routines that work in your house? 


  1. I seriously love, love, love this! I am going to implement something like this in our house. We’ve done something similar but never time where she has to be in her room quieting down and getting settled. This is awesome!

    • Hi Heather! I’m so glad you found this post helpful! This has worked miracles in our home and with four kids of various ages to get in bed, it can be overwhelming! This has made bedtime a pleasant time. Let us know how this works for you!

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