What to do when your bookshelf is overflowing but your checkbook isn’t? Create an easy DIY bookshelf that can be customized for your space.  

My adventure loving girl has a lot of books!   Her relaxing bedroom is usually one of the best rooms in the house, but lately, it is hard to keep clean.  Her current bookshelf is too small to tackle the stacks of books piled on the floor.  This calm room is now cluttered, and Harry Potter and Nancy Drew are taking over!  How can I organize so many books without breaking the bank?  This is a mystery worth solving!

The Mystery of the Overcrowded Bookshelf Solved!

There is only one way to solve this problem.  Cheaply.  (You’re welcome Honey).  I decided to build a bookshelf out of wooden crates to hold Avery’s books.  This bookshelf will be beneficial as her book collection grows because we can add more crates to make it expand.  


Materials needed:

  • Wooden Crates
  • Two colors of semi gloss paint
  • Small paintbrush
  • Small paint roller

First of all, purchase your unfinished crates from a craft or home improvement store.  To cut costs, buy them over time with a 50% off coupon.  It took nine crates to get the height and storage we needed for Avery’s room. Next, we painted our bookshelf a clean white on the outside and a muted purple on the inside.  As a result, the bookcase maintains the relaxed feel of the room.

Stack the Completed Crates Then Style!  

Begin by stacking the painted crates how you like them.  You can stack them symmetrically or mix it up with some crates vertical and some horizontal! Just remember to secure them to the wall if they are for small children  Finally, it was time to style.  We hit the summer clearance aisle at Michaels and scored! The beach poster is a $12 find that I pinned to a foam board.  This gives the poster shape while keeping the relaxed feel we wanted.  Finally, put personal items on your shelves to show your personality.  Look at this precious ceramic jar Avery made in school last year!


All Kids Invited!

bookshelf-2Avery and I had a great time talking and painting this summer. She is proud of her room because she helped make each project and she worked for each purchase. Doing projects with kids might take more time, but you will both benefit from working together.

Your patience will pay off!

Finally, every book has a place! The most noteworthy benefit of this bookshelf is you can always add more crates for little cost.  It’s a good thing because this girl is a reader!  It seems like one adventure ends and another begins.  Bring on the next book series because this room can handle it!

How are you using crates to organize your house?  Follow us on Pinterest for more fun DIY projects.

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