Do you love Disney parks as much as I do? Have you ever dreamed of visiting the parks in Japan, France, Chica, or Hong Kong? It’s an adventure but if you’ve ever wanted to take a trip to Disney abroad, this will help you get started!

Meet Grace

This is my baby sister, Grace. Isn’t she gorgeous? And she has a pretty crazy cool life where she travels the globe teaching English as a second language! She does things like bungee jumping in Hong Kong, eating tarantulas in Cambodia, and scuba diving in Bali. And do you want to know the best part??? She blogs all about her globe-trotting adventures at! We can all live our adventures vicariously through her!

Grace is also a former Disney Cast Member and LOVES all things Disney! Every chance she gets she visits a Disney park all over the world! Check out the many vlogs she has on her website chronicling her Disney visits in Hong Kong, Japan, and China. They are so cool! I asked her to share with us some tips on how to navigate a Disneyland trip overseas for those of you who are adventurers at heart. Where should we go? What should we do? Which park is the best fit? I hope you enjoy the advice! And don’t forget to pop on over and check out her many travel adventures at!

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