November is here, the air is crisp, and families are getting ready to enjoy that big turkey dinner!  Thanksgiving is around the corner and I have been reflecting on all of the blessings God has given our family!  There is so much to be thankful for…especially our Faux Family Thanksgiving!

Faux Family:A group of people who are related by heart.

Friendship to Famship

As a ministry family, we, like many others, live far from family.  When we first moved to North Carolina, I remember flying to Texas and feeling like I was coming home.  This was because my family lived there and everything felt familiar.  A big reason that eventually changed is because we began to develop friendships that felt like family.  (Also because Blue Bell Ice Cream finally came to NC!)

One of my best friends, Rebekah, coined the phrase faux family and it is such an important title!  Her daughter and mine are best friends and their family refers to Avery as their faux-daughter!  There is nothing that makes me happier than knowing she loves my kids like family.  Every parent needs that person in their lives.  I love her family the same way!

As Melody and Zach started having their babies (one after another:), Dawson and Selah wedged a special place in our hearts.  Because their sisters and brothers are the special Aunts and Uncles, we decided we need a title that reflects who we are in their life.  We took on the names of Faunt Wendy and Funcle J!  No, it’s not a white rap group, it’s a name for our faux family!

If you live away from family this holiday season, remember that you are not alone!  God has given you a Christian family to provide the emotional support you need!  Embrace the people who invest in your life and pursue those relationships!  It takes time, but eventually, those friendships turn into famships!

Faux Family Thanksgiving

A Family Thanksgiving Without FamilyI’ve had to learn to embrace the holidays without family and create new traditions for ours!  We’ve had many holidays that are just us and the kids.  We invite friends without family over for Thanksgiving and do jigsaw puzzles and play kickball.  One year we enjoyed not cooking and had an easy lunch at IHOP!  When other families are driving house to house, we are in our PJ’s relaxing!  There are benefits to holidays at home alone too!  Make the best of your situation and look for the good in the day.

For those of you who are blessed to live near family, reach out to those who have none!  Open your house for Thanksgiving!  Maybe it’s for a minister in your church or for a college student who can’t go home.  How about a widow whose kids can’t come in?  Look for a way this Thanksgiving to be a blessing to others. You might think it’s a small gesture, but involving others has a huge impact on other families like mine!

A Tradition Worth Doing

My favorite holiday tradition we want to pass along is to have every person sign their name on a tablecloth.  Then I will embroider their names with a different color for every year.  This started with my Great Aunt Vera.  Even as a kid, I would take my time writing my name because I knew how special this tradition was.  The best part is seeing the kids handprints and handwriting change as they got older.  Maybe this can be a tradition for you to start as you invite your family and faux-family over this Thanksgiving.

Who are you going to invite for Thanksgiving this year?  Find joy this holiday season and remember that JustOurselves is thankful for you!




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