Five Things You Should Do Today…

… just Because You Can

Today is new, fresh, and free from whatever went wrong yesterday. Each day try to live with vigorous intentionality and selfless joy! Not sure where to start? Here is a challenge for you to complete by the end of the day that is sure to help you start off on the right foot!

1. Kiss Your Significant Other

Grab that special someone and lay one on ‘em like you mean it! Surprise them with one of those kisses that will take their breath away! There are few things that tell someone how much you love them with such power and intensity than a kiss like that. It will speak volumes to the love of your life and will make your heart skip a beat as well!

make someone laugh five things ed

2. Make Someone Smile

… Just because. Collect smiles today! Find a stranger in the grocery store and tell them something nice. Google “funny jokes” and try out a new one on a co-worker! Play peek-a-boo with your toddler or do a goofy dance for your kids until they crack a smile. Go out of your way to light up someone’s moment. You don’t know how that will brighten your day as much as theirs!


do something renewing five things

3. Take 5 Minutes To Do Something Renewing

Treat yourself! I’m not talking a big treat… Just something little that will make your heart smile. Make a cup of tea and just sit quietly while you drink it. Indulge in a walk around the block to clear your head. Take 5 minutes to do your nails or hair in a way that will make you feel like you can take on the day. Read a few verses of your Bible and chew on the promises and hope you find there. It will help you be so much more focused and up for the challenges of the day!


sing out loud five things ed

4. Sing a Song at the top of your lungs

On your way to work or school or the grocery store, crank up the volume and throw your head back! Sing out loud! I don’t care if you’re on key or in tune (I won’t hear it)! Put on your favorite boy band from high school or crank up your favorite worship song! Have a dance party in the living room with your kids! Live out loud as you share the love of music with your family or maybe just the Lord but let it out and let it fill you up!


say thank you five things you should do today ed

5. Say Thank You

Too often we let the people who do the most for us walk away without thanking them. Think about who has touched your life in a special way that you haven’t acknowledged. Pick up the phone and call them, just because you want to say thank you. Shoot them a text to brighten their day. Even better, sit down and write them a short, hand-written note and drop it in the mail. It will make their day and will certainly shift your perspective to a place of gratitude. Oh, how I wish that we would live every day from a place of gratitude!


Thank you for letting us be part of your day,

Just Ourselves


    • We’re so glad you love the blog Lauryn! It is a labor of love as I’m sure you know! Congrats on your own launch! We’d love to check out your blog as well!

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