You know I pride myself on being a multitasking mom! (Not.) One thing that I can honestly say I’ve reaped from having two babies so close in age is the ability… no… necessity to do eighteen things at one time. Efficiency is key in my situation. Be efficient or crash and burn! Those are my options. Well, it was just one of those days…

Oh The Adventure of Motherhood!

Zach left for camp, leaving me at home with the babes for five days. I’m not going to lie, I was terrified at the prospect of five days with no backup. But was I going to let it show? Absolutely not! Babies can smell fear.

Jumping in with both feet, I cleaned the downstairs, including dishes and the bathroom, all while navigating naps and snacks, breastfeeding and poopy diapers. May I introduce to you the Multitasking queen?!?! Yes, sir, I was feeling pretty good!!

Super Mom Doesn’t Need Back Up!

I loaded the kiddos into the van and made the run to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I ran into Jeremy (Wendy’s hubby) in the parking lot. He offered assistance with the kids and I, oh so confidently, turned down the offer. I was doing just fine on my own! I quickly glided through the store pushing my double stroller with one hand and pulling my cart with the other. I’m used to the surprised looks on people’s faces by now when they see my caravan coming!

Someone asked me if my kids were twins.




Hmmmm… No.

I grabbed the goods and made a beeline for the checkout. No one had cried or broken anything… We were doing real good… Until my total was rung up and I reached for my wallet…

And realized my wallet was still sitting on my kitchen table.

Nooooooooooooooooooo! Everything was going so well!!!

Crash and burn!

There was a nice young man behind the register who looked at me with true pity. I explained my despair and told him I’d come right back. He told me that was fine but that he had to cash out his register at 5:20… It was 4:50 and I live 10 min away. I tucked tail and ran! Like a true multitasker, I got my workout in for the day while grocery shopping! Running to the car and the stress, elevated my heart rate. Power lifting the 20+ pound babies into their seats and muscling the 900lb stroller into the van was my strength training! I made it home, grabbed the elusive wallet, and high-tailed it back. Quickly, I threw (gently) the children into a cart (forget the stroller) and ran back in. Finally, I made it back with two minutes to spare! 

The Silver Lining

So, mom victory for the day! I cleaned the downstairs, went grocery shopping, and got my workout in! Score one for team multitasking and zero for team efficiency! It may have been a crash and burn kind of moment but I know I will laugh about it one day… Once my muscles stop aching.

Please tell me you’ve done something like this before! Share your story in the comment section to help me feel better about myself!

Yours truly,

Just Ourselves

Grocery photo credit: Day 3/365 – Ride in the Shopping Cart.. (Explored) via photopin (license)

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