Nerd glasses are easy to make for Halloween or just to wear for fun! Because these glasses are only 75 cents, they are also a great option for large groups such as classrooms or church events! Best of all, they will bring a big smile to your face.

“Nerd cool” style is in and nerd glasses are where it’s at!  Let’s face it, nerds rule the world!  They are the boss at being the boss and they set the trends.  Have you noticed all of the teenagers with huge glasses perched on their face?  (I secretly want some too!)

Nerd Glasses that Rule the World!

Accidental Innovation

My daughter Maggie was the first to make a pair of nerd glasses!  She taught us!  Every summer, our church hosts an elementary age kids camp that teaches children how to worship through music and dance.  Melody does a phenomenal job leading the kids and outreaching to their families.  This year she ordered sunglasses through Amazon for all the kids to wear during the performance.  Talk about cute overload!

nerd glasses-3

Dazzling Toys 12 Pairs Neon 80’s Wayfarer Sunglasses Kids Party Favors 4.5 Inch – Pack of 12

When we got home, Maggie found she could pop the lenses out to make nerd glasses!  How smart is that!  Soon, my other kids had popped theirs out and decided to wear them too.  They wore them around town and even to church!  Can you image?  My favorite part is that Maggie would squint her eyes like she couldn’t see until she put her glasses on.  It was a miracle!  The (fake) nerd glasses helped her see better!

Endless Possibilities

I’m excited to share these because Halloween is coming up and you or your kids might need a pair of nerd glasses!  Can you imagine a whole family dressing up like “nerds” and wearing these?  It’s also a great costume accessory for the adult who wants to add some fun while trick-or-treating but wants to spend their money on the kids.  I know I will wear a pair this year!

These glasses also make an inexpensive gift for classrooms at school and church!  I help with PTA at the kids’ school and I’ve been a room parent.  There are always fun ways to incorporate creativity into a party or event.  How about buying some for your child’s  class for Read Across America Day?  The kids would love to have reading time wearing some glasses!  I’m sure it’s been proven that reading is more fun with a pair of fake glasses!  This is a great gift for big groups!  




Finally, they are the perfect pretend accessory!  My kids love to wear them when they are playing school.  In our house, the principal always wears a pair of glasses.  She must mean business!  They also wear them to play vet, doctor or shop!  The possibilities are endless!  


What would you do with a pair of nerd glasses? Reply in the comments and let us know! 





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