I’ll admit it. I ♥ prayer! There is a special place in my heart for teaching kids how to pray.  This is especially important with my four daughters because it is my privilege to disciple them and watch them become Godly ladies. My future grandchildren will thank me. Sometimes kids say simple prayers because they don’t know the different facets of talking with God. I created this kid-friendly prayer journal so they can learn how to pray and to grow spiritually.  Having confidence in their prayer life leads to more time connecting with God.  Jump right in and create this prayer journal that is perfect for 1st graders and on!  

How to Make a Kids Prayer Journal

This kid-friendly journal is easy to make and will strengthen you child’s prayer life!  As children pray through their journal, they can see the needs of those around them as well as see that God answers prayer.  This journal also helps kids develop a solid prayer discipline in a fun and easy way. For more ways to help grow a child’s prayer life, read my post 5 Ways to Teach Kids to Pray.

Get Supplies!

prayer-journal-2This journal cost less than $2.00!

First, I hit up the dollar store for the following:

  • Small Cardboard Notebook
  • Tabs
  • Markers  ( from home)
  • Stickers  ( from home)

Get Creative!

Make the journal fun by adding personal touches with markers and stickers! I made these for the elementary girls’ mission class at church and they had a blast decorating their journals. Even better, they are using them!  The kids drew pictures on the front and back while leaving the inside blank to write their requests!  Then they got creative drawing rays of sunshine and colorful rainbows.   Their names were even drawn with incredible bubble letters.  (I can’t even make bubble letters!)  The skies the limit!  Get creative and make it an original!  

Get Organized!

Now that the journal looks original, it’s time to organize the content so that it’s easy to pray through. Start by finding a prayer pattern that will work for you. I created an acronym for PRAY so that it is easy to memorize and organize. It goes like this: 

P– Praise God  

R– Remember your blessings

A – Ask for forgiveness

Y– Your needs and others

Next, use the tabs to label the different areas of prayer. The idea is that any child could open the journal and pray through the different categories from front to back. Brainstorm prayers for each tab while keeping in mind that nothing is too great for God! 

Here is how to explain each section to a child:

  • Praise God – Tell God why you love Him.
  • Remember Your Blessings – Thank God for all of the good things in your life such as family or your favorite toys.  Thank God for people in your life who gave you the toy. 
  • Ask for Forgiveness – Tell God you are sorry for disobeying Him today.  Examples might be when you treated a family member in a way that you knew wasn’t right.
  • Your Needs and Others – Ask God to help you and to help others.  Include school, church, friends and even missionaries.

All of these lead to great teaching moments for parents!  It’s the basis for understanding how great of a God we serve and how much of a sinner we are.  As a result, kids hearts and changed and they learn to make prayer a priority!

Get Praying!

To use the journal, take time each day to talk with God.  For my kids, it is best before bed when there are no distractions.  I also pray using a similar journal during carpool.  Open the journal and pray through the different categories from front to back.  In addition, take the time to listen as well.  Finally, mark answered praises with a highlighter. Most importantly, get praying!

prayer journal-2This journal is for kids who are Christians as well as those that aren’t. Even those who aren’t believers begin to understand what sin is and how blessed we are to have a God who forgives and gives peace. Know that God cares for you and wants to have a relationship with you! 

I am the LORD, the God of all humankind. There is, indeed, nothing too difficult for me. Jeremiah 32:27

Do you journal your prayer life? Have you considered making one for your child to help them grow in their prayer life?

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