Woodridge Women’s Ministry


Q: “What is Woodridge?”

Melody: I’m so glad you asked! Woodridge Baptist Church is where I have the incredible honor to serve as Women’s Ministry Leader.

Q: “How did you end up in this role?”

Melody: God’s been moving me toward women’s ministry for several years. For a long time, I was resistant to it. My passion and calling had always been as a worship leader. However, I am teacher at heart. The Lord made it clear that leading worship and teaching/discipling all work hand in hand to serve women in the church. Beyond that, He made it so evident that there is such a need at the local church level for women in leadership and the need for women’s ministry to grow from the grounding of the local church. My role at Woodridge is to equip, empower, inspire and mobilize the women of God to grow in Him and build the Kingdom of God using their unique gifts and passions. It goes hand in hand with what Wendy and I desire to do with this online community as well.

Q: “What are some of your goals for the women’s ministry?”

Melody: Long answer, our ministry at Woodridge seeks to create faithful worshippers of God by cultivating women, through community, discipleship, evangelism and service, into mature followers of Jesus Christ, empowering them to study, apply, and share God’s Word in their daily lives as they develop their unique spiritual gifts. Short answer, to give women hope and confidence by finding their identity in Jesus Christ.

Q: “What do you do?”

Melody: Everything! I teach, speak, disciple, lead worship, administrate, plan events, counsel, and train! And coffee… I drink lots of coffee. It’s a lot of rewarding work. I am always (ALWAYS) looking to partner with other ladies to expand our ministry. Please contact me to discuss how we can join forces to reach women with the hope of Jesus!

It’s an exciting time to be part of the Women’s Ministry at Woodridge Baptist Church and we would be honored to have you join us! You are more than welcome to jump into to any of our local events as well as follow along with what the Lord is teaching us right here at JustOurselves.com